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Project Overview: Aark Residences is an architectural masterpiece, embodying contemporary living with well- designed residences and unequaled amenities. This addition to Aark Developers’ portfolio in Dubailand features 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, expanding their immolations for a drinking living experience like no other. Enjoy a resort like experience with a health club and an perpetuity pool with a clear frontal view overlooking the megacity’s skyline.

Aark Residences is a ultramodern domestic complex located in the thriving heart of Dubai. Designed for those who prefer rest, wastefulness, and a bit of extravagance in life, Aark places features state- of- the- art apartments defined by commodious innards and stirring views.

Inventor s devotion to curating vibrant and charming residences seamlessly merges the aesthetics of the innards and surface spaces, hence enhancing the living experience of the residential. Completing this experience is a range of decoration amenities that promise a life of unmatched comfort and complication for residential.

Location Overview: Nestled in a strategic position, this residences masterpiece provides vital connections to crucial destinations across the emirate, making for a truly accessible living experience. Dubai Land Residence Complex stands as a eidolon of a decoration life with its emotional amenities that foster a culture of sprightliness and well- being while enhancing the residential gests by promoting a healthy and active life without the need for lengthy peregrinations.

inventor s charge is to offer affordable homes that blend luxury living in the heart of Dubai. Located at a high spot in Dubailand, this corner is just 20 twinkles from the Burj Khalifa, 5 twinkles from the Dubai Outlet Mall, and a bare 20 twinkles from the Dubai International Airport, furnishing an opulent domestic experience.

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->Dubai Land community hub Park (0.2km)
->German International School Dubai (4.3km)
->Dubai Outlet Mall (5.2km)
->Downtown Dubai (19.2km)
->Dubai International Airport (22.8km)
->Mercato Beach (24.2km)

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