Aeon at Dubai Creek Harbour

Starting From 2,840,000

Project Overview: Visualize the dawn breaking over Dubai’s iconic skyline, with the raw essence of urban aesthetics merging seamlessly with the embrace of nature. Aeon epitomizes a bold statement, gracefully intertwining with the waterfront’s soothing ambience and the vibrant beat of Dubai’s heart.

Residents of Aeon are treated to a visual feast from dawn to dusk. Extending views of the captivating Dubai Creek Canal, verdant parks, and Dubai’s skyscrapers, an intricate weave of thriving energy and natural beauty unfolds. Aeon’s architecture speaks the language of modern city legends. Leveraging raw, authentic materials sourced locally, this edifice reinterprets Dubai’s architectural narrative, blending the city’s rooted legacy with tomorrow’s cityscapes.

Location Overview: Perfectly positioned adjacent to the central plaza, Aeon is a fusion of raw city vibes and pockets of nature’s serenity. Every outdoor venture becomes a chapter in your urban chronicle, building bridges between communal ties and moments of self-reflection.

Dubai Creek Harbour – the heart of the bold new vision for Dubai. The eight-square-kilometre waterfront destination is bound to push the frontiers of architecture, design and the quality of life. Creek Beach is Dubai’s first-of-its-kind urban beach in the heart of Dubai Creek Harbour. Located along the historic Dubai Creek.

Creek Beach is conceived to offer you the ultimate family-friendly retreat. From 700 metres of pristine white sands to the infinity pool and spectacular sunset views, this is paradise reborn.

The centrepiece of Dubai Creek Harbour is the breathtaking Dubai Creek Tower, set to surpass the Burj Khalifa as the tallest structure globally. This architectural marvel is designed by the renowned architect Santiago Calatrava and will serve as a symbol of Dubai’s ambition and innovation.

->Maple Bear Nursery Creek Harbour (1.4km)
->Dubai Festival City Mall (4.3km)
->Al Baadi Park Dubai (4.5km)
->Dubai International Airport (12.3km)
->Downtown Dubai (12.3km)
->North Beach, Pearl Jumeirah (20.1km)


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Ras Al Khor - Dubai Creek Harbour - Dubai




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