Al Waleed Garden 2

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Project Overview: Al Waleed Garden 2, is a distinctive family community positioned in the vibrant Al Jaddaf neighborhood. Developed by Al Waleed Group, this residential gem offers a range of plant, 1, and 2- 2-bedroom apartments, each courteously designed to produce a harmonious mix of contemporary living and dateless comfort.

Al Waleed Garden 2 stands out as a testament to quality, with well-designed layouts and the use of high-quality ultramodern accouterments in every hearthstone. The result is a living space that not only exudes fineness but also fosters a sense of tranquility and comfort, furnishing residential with a sanctuary in the heart of a fleetly developing area.

The complex is further than just a domestic space; it’s a life destination. A separate bottom devoted to rest conditioning offers a space for relaxation and community engagement, fostering a sense of fellowship among residents. The swimming pool, rounded by a lifeguard service, provides a stimulating escape, while the round-the-timepiece security and videotape surveillance ensure a secure and safe living terrain.

Location Overview: Al Jaddaf, positioned in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a dynamic and culturally rich quarter that seamlessly integrates the rudiments of culture, commerce, and rest.

This area holds artistic significance, boasting a plethora of galleries, art galleries, and artistic centers that pay homage to original and transnational heritage. Among these, the Dubai Culture Village stands out as a vibrant mecca for cultural expression and creative disquisition.

With its graphic position along the Dubai Creek, Al Jaddaf offers stunning shorefront views. It has witnessed significant development, drinking luxury hospices, and contemporary residential complexes that give witching lookouts of Dubai Creek.

->Swiss International School in Dubai additional gate (1.6km)
->Jaddaf Waterfront Sculpture Park (4.4km)
->Dubai Festival City Mall (6.5km)
->Downtown Dubai (8.5km)
->Dubai International Airport (10km)
->Al Mamzer Beach (18.3km)

Al Waleed Garden 2

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