Altissima at Al Barari

Starting From 40,000,000

Project Overview: Discover the epitome of luxury living at Altissima by Al Barari, an exclusive collection of 7-bedroom villas that redefine opulence and sophistication. Nestled within the lush surroundings of Al Barari, these villas offer an unparalleled living experience where nature seamlessly intertwines with refined architecture.

Designed as a livable masterpiece, this extraordinary development draws inspiration from the sacred Tree of Life. Just as the tree symbolizes growth, connection, and the interweaving of life’s threads, Altissima becomes a sanctuary where dreams don’t just (nourish – they thrive. More than a collection of stunning villas and state-of-the-art facilities, Altissima is a visionary project that transcends the ordinary. Capturing the essence of luxury, it stands as a canvas for creativity, an ode to boundless possibilities, and a manifestation of a life well-lived. It’s a new way to experience living, designed for a discerning few.

Location Overview: Discover a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility at Al Barari, a prestigious community nestled in the heart of Dubai. Spanning over 18.42 million square feet, Al Barari offers a harmonious blend of lush green landscapes, stunning architecture, and world-class amenities. This exclusive development is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, featuring themed gardens, serene waterways, and a rich biodiversity that sets it apart as an oasis in the desert.

Home to meticulously designed villas and residences, Al Barari provides an unparalleled living experience for those who seek opulence, privacy, and a connection with nature. Each residence is crafted with precision, featuring high-quality finishes, spacious interiors, and panoramic views of the surrounding greenery.


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Al Barari, Dubai


Al Barari Dubai


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