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Project Overview: Amali Island, an exquisite collection of 24 luxury estates drafted by Amali, invites you to witness littoral living at its finest. In collaboration with ELASTIC, Amali Island’s armature reflects an unexampled understanding of fluidity, form, and function, presenting places that seamlessly harmonize with their beachfront surroundings through two distinct facades.

The innards, conceptualized by Hirsch Bedner Associates( HBA), show a different range of aesthetics for each hearthstone, featuring strictly sourced accoutrements from around the globe.

famed for their scrupulous exploration, HBA ensures that each space aligns with the natural parameters of the surroundings. Amali commitment to sustainability extends beyond armature, uniting with Square M to design serene oases and sanctuaries of revivification.

Location Overview: The World Islands is a remarkable man- made archipelago located off the seacoast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This ambitious development comprises a collection of small islets shaped like a world chart, each representing a different country or region. The islets are designed to offer luxurious and exclusive living gests , making it a symbol of substance and majesty.

The Islands of the World are intended to be private and exclusive, furnishing an elite retreat for residential and callers. The development offers a variety of domestic options, including lavish estates, palaces, and private estates. These parcels boast luxurious amenities, panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, and access to pristine strands, creating an unequaled living experience.

In addition to residential offerings, The World Islands also feature high-end resorts, boutique hotels, and entertainment facilities. Residents and guests can enjoy world-class dining experiences, indulge in spa treatments, and partake in a range of water sports and leisure activities. The islands provide a secluded paradise where privacy, tranquility, and luxury converge.


Amali Island

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The World Islands, Dubai


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