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Project Overview: Every aspect of Avant Garde residences has been precisely designed to insure it meets the loftiest norms of artificer. commodious well- appointed apartments give resides with uncompromised quality and immense long- term value. Soft aquarelles and a natural material palette produce an elegant and welcoming terrain which features world- class accoutrements , institutions, and fittings to insure life. bottom to ceiling windows and pragmatically designed deck areas insure a bright and airy atmosphere.

The structure has been designed as a vibrant tone- sufficient community to insure a transcendent position of comfort and convenience for its resides. As a reflection of the community, the structure’s different features and amenities will produce a exemplification of Dubai’s thriving air in the heart of the megacity.

A thoughtful contemporary architectural design graces the façade of Avant Garde residences. The structure’s subtle staggered angles are a nod to the rolling stacks of the Arabian desert and the eclipse and inflow of the Arabian gulf. Balancing specialized conditions with elegant design, the structure’s exposure was strategically deposited to maximize views for the apartments, icing practical spaces and optimal perspectives throughout the structure.

Location Overview: Nestled in the heart of Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle, or JVC, is a vibrant and fleetly growing community that captivates resides and callers likewise. This idyllic indirect-structured neighborhood is designed to offer a harmonious mix of ultramodern living and natural beauty.

JVC’s tree- lined thoroughfares, tranquil premises, and commodious estates and apartments make it a truly unique and welcoming place to call home. The community exudes a sense of peace and balance, furnishing a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of megacity life, while still being accessibly located within Dubai.

resides of JVC enjoy a host of amenities, including seminaries, shopping centers, premises , and recreational installations, all courteously integrated into the community’s design. It’s a place where families thrive, professionals find a accessible home, and nature suckers carouse in the serene surroundings.

->Green Roots Nursery Dubai (0.15km)
->Thamam Park – JVC (0.4km)
->Circle Mall JVC (1.4km)
->Sufouh Beach (12.8km)
->Downtown Dubai (20.6km)
->Dubai International Airport (37.3km)

Project Code: #2798

Avant Garde Residences

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Jumeirah Village Circle - Dubai


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