Bayview by Address Resorts

Starting From 3,410,000

Project Overview: Ethereal Swells beautify stylishly drafted façades reflecting the Arabian Gulf’s splashing waters. A luxury vocabulary inspired by the splendor and glamour of Dubai restated in the lowest details, outside and out. Exquisite installations inspired by Address Hospices Resorts’ mastery of fine living, acclimatized to your requirements.

Bayview by Address Resorts at Emaar Beachfront carries the future in its details and promises a life that will fulfill your dreams of luxurious living by the ocean in your luxurious, completely- furnished Address Hospices Resorts brand home. A one-of-a-kind occasion to celebrate Dubai Life in the megacity’s most exclusive littoral development.

Location Overview: Come home to Dubai’s most exclusive islet, located within the new maritime center of the UAE, Dubai Harbour. Emaar Beachfront is a strictly master-planned shorefront haven – a unique mix of smart living, high position, and luxury riverside life.

Whether you want to celebrate the high-octane excitement of civic living in the new Dubai or soak in the laid-back atmosphere of old-Dubai charm, living in Emaar Beachfront means you can seamlessly straddle two sides of life, at any time, at any moment, as you live in the spectacular littoral development, only twinkles from Dubai’s literal and artistic center.

Bayview by Address Resorts

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The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai


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