Boutique 23 by LMD Developer

Starting From 1,084,302

Project Overview: Exchange 23 harmoniously combines residential comfort, retail convenience, office complication, and indulgent amenities. Then, you ’ll find a stimulating pool, a top- league spa, 4- position underground parking, accessible tribune parking, and a serene yard. It’s a life that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a vibrant and each- encompassing experience that sets new norms.

Compact design does n’t just optimize space; it fosters a sustainable life that aligns impeccably with the requirements of the ultramodern civic reside. Amidst this effective design, you ’ll find stirring shorefront views, transubstantiating your living space into a sanctuary acclimatized to those with a immature spirit. Our ground bottom hosts a selection of retail units, furnishing utmost convenience for both resides and office professionals within the structure.

Location Benefits and Overview: Al Jaddaf, positioned in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a dynamic and culturally rich quarter that seamlessly integrates rudiments of culture, commerce, and rest.

This area holds artistic significance, boasting a plethora of galleries, art galleries, and artistic centers that pay homage to original and transnational heritage. Among these, the Dubai Culture Village stands out as a vibrant mecca for cultural expression and creative disquisition. With its graphic position along the Dubai Creek, Al Jaddaf offers stunning shorefront views. It has witnessed significant development, drinking luxury hospices and contemporary domestic complexes that give witching
lookouts of the Dubai Creek.

->Magic Queen Fashion (4.3km)
->Gulf Indian High School – Dubai (4.9km)
->Dubai International Airport (7.1km)
->Downtown Dubai (10km)

Boutique 23

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Jaddaf Waterfront - Dubai




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