Bugatti Residences by Binghatti at Business Bay

Starting From 19,090,000

Project Overview: The birth of an icon- the hyperactive palace is poised to come a corner of architectural prowess, deduced from the Bugatti and Binghatti DNA. Inspired by the world’s most prestigious structural masterpieces, Bugatti places by Binghatti isn’t a bare addition to megacity’s skyline but a new icon that will stand the test of time. Born from the fluidity of nature, Bugatti places by Binghatti is designed with inventive vibrance, reflecting sheer substance. The facade is characterized by fluid lines, and subtle silhouettes evocative of the French Riviera – a resort- inspired life in the heart of the megalopolis.

Location Features & Overview: Business Bay, Dubai, can be confusing due to its name. still, it’s not just office spaces and structures. There are hostel halls, amazing caffs
and awful domestic parcels then as well. It’s known to be a veritably swish and over- to- date in the rearmost trends and widgets kind of community. The life then face- paced. Business Bay is on the south side of Town Dubai. This area generally hosts plenitude of events to keep effects lively. There are music carnivals, Mother’s Day fests, New Year’s fests and numerous others as well. The life that Business Bay offers has numerous advantages.

Famous and transnational seminaries, medicals, supermarkets, banks and finance centers are a many twinkles from your space. The place simply elevates your life standard and way of living with easy and intuitive options in the propinquity. Come and seek retreat in this awful place full of implicit rudiments of pleasures, success and fun.

-> Scholars International Group (2km)
-> Dubai Mall (2km)
-> Burj Park (2.9km)
-> Safa Park (3.7km)
-> Jumeirah Beach (6.7km)
Project Code: #2547

Bugatti Residences

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Bugatti Residences - Dubai




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