Creek Views 3 by Azizi

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Project Overview: Creek Views 3 by Azizi, a mesmerizing addition to the accredited Azizi Creek Views in Dubai Healthcare City. deposited opposite the alluring Dubai Creek, these places offer an unequaled visual symphony of panoramic lookouts that gauge the beauty of the megacity’s skyline. Creek Views III seamlessly weaves ultramodern living into an terrain-friendly life, offering the answer to your hunt for the perfect home.

Creek Views 3 by Azizi embodies the perfect emulsion of civic convenience and natural beauty, offering a life that is both connected and in harmony with nature. It’s an assignation to live amidst stirring lookouts while enjoying the convenience of the megacity at your doorstep. Discover a home that resonates with your solicitations at Creek Views 3, where fineness, fustiness, and panoramic serenity meet in perfect harmony.

Location Overview: Dubai Healthcare City( DHCC) is a unique and technical healthcare community located in the heart of Dubai. It’s a devoted quarter that brings together a comprehensive range of healthcare services, installations, and institutions, making it a leading destination for medical tourism, education, and exploration in the region.

Dubai Healthcare City is designed to foster the loftiest norms of healthcare delivery and promote invention in the medical field. The quarter is home to a different range of healthcare providers, including hospitals, conventions, specialized centers, and medical universities. These institutions offer a wide diapason of medical specialties and services, ranging from primary care to advanced treatments and surgeries.

->Wafi City (4.4km)
->Downtown Dubai (5.8km)
->Jaddaf Walkway (7.7km)
->Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (7.8km)
->Dubai International Airport (9km)
->Mercato Beach (9.4km)

Creek Views 3

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Al Jaddaf - Dubai




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