Green Wood at International City

Starting From 74,000,000

Project Overview: There are three major zones: The TOD Zone with Pond Park Apartments, Boulevard Neighbourhood (Outer Ring), and Central Park Neighbourhood (Inner Ring).

  •   TOD Zone with Pond Park Apartments: The TOD Zone comprises mixed-use buildings and Pond Park Apartments. This zone has the benefit of being served by a new metro station in the future. The apartments in this area will primarily be of the low to mid-rise apartment typologies, i.e., (G+5, G+9 and G+12).
  •   Boulevard Neighbourhood: The Boulevard Neighbourhood (Outer Ring) is the townhouse zone which is located between the outer and inner ring roads. The vehicular access to these plots is through the inner ring road, however, pedestrian connectivity to this neighbourhood will be through an extensive green loop system in addition to the inner and outer ring roads.
  •   Central Park Neighbourhood: The Central Park Neighbourhood also comprises townhouses that loop within the inner ring road along with access to a large central green park and amenities within the neighbourhood. All the utility plots are located along the northeast site boundary, allowing for convenient accessibility from the existing external expressway.

Location Overview: The project site is located only 15km away from the heart of Business Bay in Dubai, and it can be conveniently accessed by two major east-west running express highways, Al Awir Road and Al Ain Dubai Road. The project site is near Silicon Oasis, including direct access by both the existing and future vehicular roads; thus providing great advantages in terms of vehicular accessibility. The site also has pedestrian and cycling tracks, connecting the project site to its surrounding areas. There will also be an introduction of a future metro station along the northern-west site boundary, providing ease of public transportation access and a great opportunity to create a transit-oriented plaza integrated with the metro station.

Green Wood

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International City Phase(2), Dubai




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