Mr. C Residences Jumeirah Triplex

Starting From 86,300,000

Project Overview: Mr. C Residences Jumeirah is a contemporary take on classic European living. Inspired by Old World complication and ultramodern comfort, these residences are invested with Arabian faculty and strengthened by a service life experience perfected by Cipriani’s fourth generation of stewardship. Mr. C places Jumeirah is home to those who appreciate finer effects; those who live their lives with an essential sense of style and believe that simplicity is the ultimate complication. It’s for those who understand that ultramodern living is a capstone of the little details.

Residences innards and amenity spaces conduct the navigational tradition that gives Mr. C places Jumeirah its unique character and soul. Every detail has a luxury yacht feel, bringing together features of the natural geography of the desert with a sophisticated Italian touch.

Location Overview: Dubai Water Canal stands as a testament to Dubai’s bottomless ambition and invention. Winding its way through the heart of the megacity, this 3.2- kilometer-long raceway, completed in 2016, is an hallmark of the megacity’s grim pursuit of fustiness and substance.

As it gracefully connects the Arabian Gulf to the major Dubai Creek, the Dubai Water Canal weaves together the megacity’s history and future. Its serene presence enriches the girding neighborhoods with a harmonious mix of contemporary living and dateless charm.

Tromping along the conduit’s banks, you will be enveloped by lush verdure and strictly drafted pathways. This green oasis invites tardy walks, brisk jogs, and serene bike lifts, furnishing a graphic background of glistering waters and the iconic cityscape.

Mr. C Residences Jumeirah Triplex

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Jumeirah 2 - Dubai


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