Riviera 61 By Azizi

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Project Overview: Riviera 61 by Azizi is an exquisite high- end residential development that sets the stage for an unequaled living experience. Nestled in the heart of a vibrant neighborhood, this exceptional structure is girdled by a world of recreational openings, a foamy demitasse lagoon, and a lively street, making it the ultimate address for those who seek the stylish of both worlds.

Within Riviera 61, you will discover a collection of beautifully designed plant, one- bedroom, and two- bedroom apartments that elevate the fineness of this formerly emotional community. These homes are a warm and inviting addition to the neighborhood, offering a mix of comfort and complication that complements your life.

The vibrant street, an integral part of the Riviera experience, is a bustling mecca of convenience and delight. Within walking distance, you will find an cornucopia of retail and culinary options, including fascinating cafes, enticing caffs, trendy shops, exchange outlets, well- grazed supermarkets, and handy convenience stores. Everything you need is at your doorstep, enhancing the ease and comfort of your diurnal life.

Location Benefits & Overview: Mohammed Bin Rashid City( MBR City) is a massive civic development design includes high- end domestic parcels, similar as estates, palaces, and luxury apartments, feeding to rich individualities and families. The armature and design of these parcels frequently feature ultramodern and contemporary styles, incorporating the rearmost technological advancements and sustainable practices.

The megacity also boasts a range of world- class amenities and lodestones . These include vast green spaces, premises , and landscaped auditoriums , furnishing resides and callers with openings for rest and relaxation. The design includes the Dubai Canal, an emotional raceway that flows through the heart of MBR City, adding to the aesthetic appeal and immolation shorefront living gests .

likewise, MBR City is home to several entertainment and artistic milestones. One notable illustration is the Dubai Hills Estate, a luxury golf course community that features an 18- hole crown golf course, high- end domestic parcels, and a range of retail and dining options. Other planned lodestones within MBR City include theme premises , art galleries, galleries, and sports installations.

->Greens East Park (1.2km)
->North London Collegiate School (1.6km)
->Downtown Dubai (10.7km)
->Dubai Mall (13km)
->Jumeirah open beach (13.4km)
->Dubai International Airport (15.5km)
Project Code: #2817

Riviera 61

Branded Residence

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Nad Al Sheba 1 - Dubai




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