Rouge by Baccarat

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Project Overview: Of noble origins, the Baccarat brand, and its devoted artisans have spent centuries establishing and refining the globally recognized hallmarks that distinguish true luxury – skilled craft, uncompromising quality, and impeccable service. Making their spectacular Middle-Eastern debut in the heart of Dubai, the masters of refinement and elegance have forged generously spacious and warmly intimate homes that strike the delicate balance between dignified allure and widespread adulation.

Situated in Downtown Dubai, the crystalline tower creates a majestic presence that shines bright amongst the city’s celebrated skyline. Angular forms paint elegant gestures on a metropolitan canvas, creating a sophisticated mark of difference that carefully complements and contrasts its surroundings.

Designed to enrich each of life’s moments with natural light, glass façades filter the desert sun and break only to provide unadulterated views of the Burj Khalifa. Framing, accentuating, and embracing the nation’s most prized possession, this architectural masterpiece rejects compromise and shows the world how to perfect exemplary form and exciting function.

Location Overview: Rouge by Baccarat situated in Downtown Dubai, the prestigious heart of the city’s culture and vibrancy, offers an instant and effortless connection to globally esteemed institutions from the worlds of fashion, art, cuisine, and entertainment.

As the name suggests, Downtown Dubai is the center of Dubai, constantly evolving at a fast pace. Home to many landmarks and world-famous attractions, including Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and Dancing Fountains, the area is a hub of activities. The prime location keeps Downtown busy throughout the year. Constantly attracting tourists, there are always some new things to do in Downtown Dubai. The area is best known for offering a luxurious lifestyle. It used to be a vertical community, but many villas have also been added to the real estate market. As per Bayut’s 2020 Rental Market Report, it is the second most popular area offering luxury apartments for rent after Dubai Marina.

Rouge by Baccarat

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Baccarat Hotel & Residences Dubai - Downtown Dubai - Dubai


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