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Project Overview: Embrace Rove’s ever- youthful spirit at Rove Home, the brand’s first ever residential design in Dubai. Then, inspiring design, vibrant art installations and completely- furnished apartments meet with an exceptional position and an extended playlist of life- enhancing amenities, making this hearthstone a complete ecosystem that has everything you ’ll ever need. This is n’t just where you ’ll live. It’s where you ’ll thrive.

Locally and culturally connected, Rove’s immature and welcoming spirit celebrates creativity and community. Rove parcels fuse 21st- century invention with complication, offering simplicity, effectiveness, and authenticity always.

With royal style and an unmistakable vibe, Rove’s vibrant spirit celebrates life through miscellaneous design, gladdening spaces and genuine freedom of expression. Rove Home’s contemporary design comes to life with inviting innards designed by Zebra and cultural accentuations from Studio Feel, connecting with the smart city through the theme of Downtown journals.

Location Overview: As the name suggests, Downtown Dubai is the centre of Dubai, constantly evolving at a fast pace. Home to numerous milestones and world- notorious lodestones , including Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall and Dancing Cradles, the area is a mecca of conditioning. The high position keeps Town busy throughout the time. Constantly attracting excursionists, there ’re always some new effects to do in Town Dubai. The area is best known for offering a luxurious life.

It used to be a perpendicular community, but numerous estates have also been added to the real estate request. As per Bayut’s 2020 Reimbursement request Report, it’s the alternate most popular area offering luxury apartments for rent after Dubai Marina.

->South Ridge Park (1km)
->Eman school system (1.4km)
->Dubai Mall (1.4km)
->Dubai International School (5.3km)
->Mercato Beach (5.6km)
->Dubai International Airport (15.9km)

Rove Home Downtown

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