Samana Barari Views

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Project Overview: Unveil the epitome of holistic living at SAMANA Barari Views by SAMANA Developers, where your well- being takes centre stage amidst a serene oasis. Immerse yourself in a world of internal and physical revivification. Experience a life that transcends the ordinary; making every day a trip to inner peace, and every moment a testament to luxurious serenity. Welcome home to SAMANA Barari Views, your gateway to a life that defines relaxation and bliss.

SAMANA Developers is proud to present SAMANA Barari Views – the greenest design in the flagship that aligns with sustainability and holistic living. It stands as an architectural phenomenon amidst its tranquil water features and lush verdure. From luxurious places to witching
amenities, this design showcases perfection in every ray.

Setting the standard for world- class amenities, SAMANA Barari Views offers you a life of unequaled luxury. Enjoy the splendor of private pools, lush walking areas, state- of- the- art fitness installations, relaxing Cabana area, and numerous further noteworthy amenities. The community offers an exceptional living experience with strictly maintained geographies, reflecting a life of excellence.

Location Benefits & Overview: Majan is a 1.5 million square meter district in Dubai. It’s located at the heart of the large Dubailand community. Majan is a perfect place for those who are looking for a steal- to- invest property. While the community is developing, apartment prices haven’t yet reached their maximum values. However, you can count on a good reduction, If you want to buy an out- plan casing unit.

With Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road at its front, Majan lies in close propinquity to Al Ain Road. These roads give Majan strategic access to Al Ain, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The area comprises 100 domestic complexes, six iconic halls, four hospices and mixed- use units.

->Majan Shopping Complex (0.4km)
->Majan Public Park (0.9km)
->Kids Spot Nursery – Al Barari (1.3km)
->Jumirah open beach (16.9km)
->Downtown Dubai (21.2km)
->Dubai International Airport (26.5km)

SAMANA Barari Views

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SAMANA Barari Views - Majan - Dubai




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