Trussardi Residences at Al Furjan

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Project Overview: Trussardi and Luxury Living Group, that designs, manufactures and distributes the brand’s cabinetwork line Trussardi Casa, proudly advertise a triplex cooperation with MIRA Developments, to debut the Italian fashion house’s first- ever ingrained places.

Trussardi Residences is a visionary collaboration between Trussardi, Luxury Living Group, and Mira Developments, set to grace the vibrant geography of Al Furjan, Jebel Ali District, Dubai. This domestic masterpiece will house an emotional units, ranging from one, two- bedroom apartments.

What sets Trussardi Residences piecemeal is its deep- confirmed commitment to embodying the substance of Italian artificer and contemporary living. The innards of these living spaces will be adorned with strictly curated pieces from the Trussardi Casa collection, echoing the brand’s gospel of blending invention with tradition.

Location Overview: The location of Trussardi Residences in Al Furjan is an area fleetly evolving as a new Dubai hotspot. Just a gravestone’s gamble down from the unborn iconic win Jebel Ali islet, this design is set to play a vital part in the megacity’s tourism geography, drinking trippers from around the world.

Trussardi Residences by Mira isn’t just a place to live; it’s a testament to a harmonious mix of art, luxury, and sustainability in the heart of Dubai’s instigative future. The community is known for its well- planned structure and courteously designed parcels. It features a blend of architectural styles, including Arabic, Mediterranean, and contemporary designs, creating a visually charming and different atmosphere.

-> Arcadia Global School (0.9km)
-> The Pavilion – Al Furjan (1.6km)
-> Al Furjan-Dubai Zone A Kids Park (1.8km)
-> Access Flight Support (7.8km)
-> Marina Beach (8.2km)
-> Downtown Dubai (29.8km)

Trussardi Residences

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