Urban Life at Business Bay

Starting From 1,000,000

Project Overview: Welcome to Apartments in Urban Life, where contemporary living meets urban sophistication in the heart of the city! This exquisite 19-story residential masterpiece stands tall in the bustling center, offering a luxurious lifestyle within a modern architectural marvel.

The building features a stylish podium that hosts a refreshing swimming pool, inviting residents to relax and unwind amidst the cityscape. Landscaped leisure areas provide serene spaces for recreation, while state-of-the-art gyms cater to fitness enthusiasts, ensuring a well-rounded living experience.

The apartments at Urban Life redefine city living with their spacious interiors and panoramic views of the iconic Dubai Skyline. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to blend comfort with elegance, creating a haven for residents to call home.

Location Overview: Business Bay, Dubai, can be confusing due to its name. However, it’s not just office spaces and buildings. There are hotel towers, amazing restaurants, and wonderful residential properties here as well. It is known to be very stylish and up-to-date in the latest trends and gadgets kind of community.

The life here is fast-paced. Business Bay is on the south side of Downtown Dubai. This area usually hosts plenty of events to keep things lively. There are music festivals, Mother’s Day celebrations, New Year’s celebrations, and many others as well. The lifestyle that Business Bay offers has many advantages.

Famous and international schools, medicals, supermarkets, banks, and finance centers are a few minutes from your space. The place simply elevates your life standard and way of living with easy and intuitive options in the proximity. Come and seek refuge in this wonderful place full of potential elements of pleasure, success, and fun.

->Marasi Drive Park (0.55km)
->UHGYM O14 Tower (0.75km)
->Al Faris Mall (3.4km)
->Downtown Dubai (6km)
->Jumeirah Beach (7.1km)
->Dubai International Airport (19.2km)

Urban Life

Branded Residence

Total Number of Units

UNEC268, Al Asayel St - Business Bay - Dubai


Urban Properties Development (UPD)


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