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Project Overview: Designed to give resides with generous plots of land, megacity skyline views and the utmost position of sequestration, ZUHA is home to a world- class, exchange retreat and only 30 limited edition exclusive private places, set around the chased ocean girding the islet, which is over 2.5 million square bases with 2.5 kilometers of beachfront encircling rich verdure.

30 exclusive estates reflect the swells and embrace the nature of ZUHA. These glowing waterside places set around the chased ocean allow possessors to come a part of the riddle and palpitation of ZUHA, which also hosts world- famed exchange retreat, gym, and caffs.

These luxuriant domestic estates have been designed to give resides with generous plots of land, a beachfront experience, megacity skyline views and the utmost position of sequestration. Each manor embraces the whole islet in one movement a symphony as unique as you.

Starting with introductory geometric forms set upon each plot, the original phase of design was conceptualized to elevate the estates- to invite in the islet from all sides, and to optimize the majesty of the megacity skyline. Four unique stories rise up from beachfront to vast horizon- consolidated around a single twisting staircase- swaying open to generous sundecks on both the islet and ocean side. Upon these original solid shapes ZAYA allowed the islet, ocean, wind and swells to inspire, carve and shape the manor in a wholly unique and organic way; to come a part of ZUHA.

Location Overview: ZUHA is just 12 twinkles by boat from Jumeriah Beach Drink Centre next to the Four Seasons, Dubai. Your trip of luxury begins then- as you escape to your islet retreat with skyline views of the megacity which has it all; eternal sun, sociable and progressive culture, and an established global trip structure.

The World islets is a remarkable man- made archipelago located off the seacoast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This ambitious development comprises a collection of small islets shaped like a world chart, each representing a different country or region. The islets are designed to offer luxurious and exclusive living gests , making it a symbol of substance and majesty.

The islets of The World are intended to be private and exclusive, furnishing an elite retreat for resides and callers. The development offers a variety of domestic options, including lavish estates, palaces, and private estates. These parcels boast luxurious amenities, panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, and access to pristine strands, creating an unequaled living experience.

In addition to domestic immolations, The World islets also feature high- end resorts, exchange hospices, and entertainment installations. resides and guests can enjoy world- class dining gests , indulge in gym treatments, and partake in a range of water sports and rest conditioning. The islets give a isolated paradise where sequestration, tranquility, and luxury meet.

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Zuha Island

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