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Advice for Tenants

Along with receiving RERA training, our brokers are also trained to provide our clients with outstanding
service, and they really look forward to seeing you all. Our expertise at XSITE is in understanding your
needs and preferences in order to properly match you with the ideal neighborhood and home. Our
moving procedure is a well-oiled machine that is planned and organized for you, the tenant, and your
new landlord because we handle thousands of leases each year.

In order to sell or rent property in Dubai, each and every real estate broker at XSITE is licensed to do so.
Real estate brokers must pass their RERA exam with sufficient competency in order for the Real Estate
Regulatory Agency (RERA) to grant them this license. Exams are updated yearly to make sure brokers are
knowledgeable about Dubai’s most recent real estate laws and regulations.

We are aware of how frustrating it may be for a tenant to see a property online that fits their needs only to learn, upon contacting the broker, that the property has already been rented. We at XSITE take pride in offering you high-quality real estate listings. All of our properties in Dubai that are featured on real estate portals have a trakheesi number. a number that confirms the home is offered for rent in Dubai and that the seller has given the go-ahead for the home’s marketing. You can be sure that when you are being shown around an XSITE property, it is the exact one you clicked on online.

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The Rental Process Guidelines:

  1. The first and most crucial phase in the leasing procedure in Dubai is budget calculation. This budget can serve as a starting point for your quest.
  2. Please bear in mind the fees associated with the rental procedure in Dubai when determining your rental budget. A deposit of 5% of the entire rental value and agency fees of 5%, with a minimum fee of AED 5000, will also be required.
  1. Consider the amenities you need in a rental property. Are you trying to find a villa or an apartment in Dubai? Which location would you favor? How many bedrooms are necessary? Consider the travel time to the closest workplaces or schools.
  2. Be willing to make concessions! Put this list in order of significance and focus your search to properties that fit your criteria since it is extremely rare for a property to satisfy all of your requirements.
  1. It is simple to become excited about a house during the viewing process and forget to ask the questions you had in mind before entering the front door. Write down a possible list of inquiries you could have for your broker regarding the home you are viewing.
  2. As an alternative, you might disapprove of a property for one or two reasons but leave it open to other possibilities. Speak out with your broker about your issues.
  3. Decide what you would like to offer once you have located a property to rent in Dubai. Give your broker the offer, and we will begin negotiations with the landlord. Your XSITE broker has it under control and will keep you promptly informed of any developments.
  1. Your agent will walk you through the necessary paperwork to close the deal. A visa, passport, and an Emirates ID are required. Take your time and carefully review the contract before signing; if you have any issues, our brokers can address them.
  2. It is now time to register your lease in Dubai using EJARI. This process will be explained to you by your broker, who will also help you with the paperwork. You will be informed by XSITE as to which permits are necessary to proceed.
  3. It is advisable to connect your internet before moving in and to register with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) under your name. District Cooling and Gas connections may also be necessary. For a modest cost, our Broker can make this arrangement for you.
  4. You’ve successfully rented a home in Dubai, congrats! Be mindful of any changes to the rules that building or community security may have implemented.

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